Once the most confused age, many young people have been caught in the network of virtual world, of course, I am no exception, once as a network inside the senior spray, once deep into the deep, until after work contact with the master, The idea of leading them to make me impressed, so that I opened a new door thinking can change a person's life and faith, faith can inspire the soul of our noble and great, in the most dangerous circumstances, is the faith to support the We are in the face of the most serious difficulties, but also adhere to the faith to help us win.

 I vaguely remember a little story: in a poor town, there is a primary school. A teacher when she saw a student face is very clean, but the clothes are dirty, they sent her a flower skirt. Home, the little girl 's parents feel that their home and her out of tune, began to wash the house, finishing the room. Neighbors met have to follow suit, but a month, the whole town a new look. Just a flower skirt or a little love of clean ideas, will be able to cause earth-shaking changes, which may be the power of thought.

 After the founding of new China in addition to the great Chairman Mao, I admire is Comrade Deng Xiaoping, perhaps because I like him is Sichuan, Sichuan has such a great man, his face particularly bright, "reform and opening up" Tang Xiaoping's theoretical thought has made a new leap in the Yangtze River Delta and the whole region of the Yangtze River Basin. The most representative "One Night Rise City" - Shenzhen!

Our happy life today is inseparable from the great idea of the great man, why did the emperor destroy the six countries after the unified text, unified thinking? Because he knows how powerful the thought is.

And now we young people lack is a good idea and faith; a good idea he can make our company prosperous and powerful, a bad idea can also make our company to the sunset, thinking people, is A promising person; a thoughtful company, a promising team; where there is thought, where there is power.

Adhere to the hearts of choice, adhere to the mind to think ----- no matter what industry, there will be 1 year of apprenticeship, 2 years - 3 years of survival, 4 years to 5 years of proficiency, and finally has been It is necessary to step into your career, once identified an industry, we must adhere to go on, halfway you can only stay in the study of the swing period, and then continue to reduce their own so-called life, the pursuit of standards.

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Adhere to the hearts of choice, adhere to the mind to think ----- no matter what industry.